How to make Coke-Cola cans at home

It’s the best part of summer, when the air conditioning is on, the kids are getting back into their swing, and the kids in your life have no idea what the heck you’re doing at home.

The first thing you do is make your own homemade Coke-Coke cans, and that’s the easy part.

You can buy cans of soda at the grocery store and make them yourself, or you can order them online.

The process is so easy, in fact, that if you have the cash, it’s not too hard to buy a box of cans at Costco for about $10 each.

The only catch is that you need to have the money to buy the cans.

So, let’s do that.

We’re going to show you how to make a Coke-Bottle Coke Cans at home, and then we’ll show you what you can do with them. 

Step 1: Get your cans ready to go This is a good time to start thinking about how much Coke-Cooler you need for your home.

You don’t want to be making the Coke-bottle at home if you don’t have it.

If you have a canning machine, you’ll want to start with a quart of Coke- Cooler to make up for the cans’ smaller size.

I suggest a can of Coke with a capacity of three quarts, because you can easily make a batch of three gallons of Coke and one quart of Cooler.

If that’s not enough, you can always make two quart batches, which will still be good enough to serve on its own, and it will still make a great snack, too.

To make the Coke Cooler, you will need a canner.

This canner will make the can of Coca-Cola you want to make, so we’re going be making our own Coke-Beverage Cooler as well.

It will also make the cans of Coke you’ll need for the rest of your household.

If this is your first time making Coke-Coke cans at the home, I recommend you take your time to set up your canner so you can make your first batch.

You will need two 8-ounce cans, one 12-ounce can, one 15-ounce bottle, and two 15-oz.

plastic water bottles.

You also want a lid and a lid-mount to hold the Coke cans in place. 

Start the process.

Step 2: Make the Coke, and fill the cans to the top.

Make sure you are filling the can to the bottom with enough water to fill the can.

You want to fill all the can top with Coke-cooler.

Pour the water from the cans onto the bottoms of the cans, making sure they are completely submerged.

Put the lid back on the canner, and you’re done! 

Step 3: Take a look at your Coke-Cola cans and tell me how good they are.

You should have a Coke Cool-er, a Coke bottle, a half-gallon Coke, two half-cups of Coke, a bottle of Coke Cool, and a half gallon of Coke.

Now that you have your cans of cooch, you have to make your Coke bottles.

These are the bottles that will be used in your Coke consumption habit.

You’ll need two 15 oz. bottles of Coke in order to make two cans of your own, but only one of each type of Coke is needed for the bottling process.

You should also have a glass jar of Coke cool water, because the cool water can be used to make bottles of your Coke. 

Fill the jars with the cool-water and then pour the Coke in the jars.

If your coke bottles are already full, add a second 15 oz bottle of soda and repeat until all of your cooch bottles are full. 

 After all of the bottles are filled, it is time to make the bottlers.

Make sure you have enough Coke Coolers for all of them to fill.

You may need to increase the amount of Coke that you use for each bottle to make it last longer.

You need to add water to the bottler before the bottle is filled.

You do not want to have to add more water than necessary.

Fill the bottlings with Coke Cool water.

If there is too much water in the bottles, the bottlenecks will be too narrow and will not allow you to fill each bottle as quickly. 

Once all of you bottles are fully filled, you are done.

Your bottles will be filled with Coke, but you will still have to fill your coop.

I recommend that you fill your Coke Cool bottles to the brim so that you can drink the water as you pour it into the bottle. 

Make sure that you empty your coops and bottles and make sure that the coops are empty before you go out to your next outing