Irish Government says it is ‘deeply concerned’ about rise in COVID-19 deaths and has called for ‘comprehensive response’

The Irish Government has said it is “deeply worried” by the rise in coronavirus deaths, with the country’s health minister saying it is in “immediate need of a comprehensive response”.

Health Minister James Reilly said the number of deaths in the Republic has jumped from a peak of 1,400 in March to more than 10,000 today.

Speaking to RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, he said: “I think the Government has made the determination to get more people to get checked, more testing and more vaccinations and I’m very concerned about the fact that the coronaviruses are spreading more rapidly.”

“I think we need a more concerted and concerted response to that increase in coronas, I think that will be reflected in our public health service,” Mr Reilly said.

“There’s been a huge increase in COVS cases in the last week or so and there’s an increase in people with COVID in the general population.”

I’ve seen a rise in people in the hospital and it’s not surprising.

“He said the coronas were being detected by people in hospital wards and other locations.”

They’re showing up in the ER, we have a lot of cases there in particular, and people are coming in, they’re showing themselves as a positive positive case.

“It’s a situation where it’s very important to get that information to people, particularly to patients who have been hospitalised, who have had contact with their loved ones and have come to visit them.”

Mr Reilly said more tests were being done to see if people who were tested for coronaviral illness had any evidence of COVID, but said the government is “absolutely determined” to tackle the situation.

“We have had a number of COVS coronavides that have been confirmed and there are very good reasons why that’s so, we don’t want to be putting people at risk,” he said.

He said tests for COVID could take up to six weeks to be completed.

The Irish government has confirmed there have been a total of 13 confirmed COVID cases across the country and that all of the infections were in children aged between three and five.

Mr Reilly confirmed that the majority of these cases are in Dublin.

“The majority of our cases have been in the city and the majority have been reported to the National Health Service and that’s a clear indication that they’re in Dublin,” he added.

“And it’s important to understand that it’s an absolute disaster in Dublin, that the city is the worst-hit city in the country.”

He added that “in terms of our efforts in the capital, we’ve been working closely with our partners in the Department of Health and we’ve had several rounds of meetings with the city”.

Mr Reilly also revealed that there had been a “very significant” increase in the number people arriving in the UK from the Republic of Ireland since the start of the pandemic, adding: “This has been in spite of a number measures taken by the Republic to make sure that we’re not at risk of having people coming in here, coming in from the north and from the west, that we don´t have a high rate of COVA cases.”

Our response has been to put in place a number the measures that we’ve put in, we’re working very hard with our health authorities and we’re also working very closely with the Irish Government and the Health Service Executive.

“He also said there had also been a spike in the spread of the virus in the US, which he said was the largest increase in more than 20 years.”

Mr Walsh also said that he would be introducing a “dramatic” new COVID prevention strategy to tackle COVID.””

We’re in the midst of a record number of cases.”

Mr Walsh also said that he would be introducing a “dramatic” new COVID prevention strategy to tackle COVID.

“People have a right to health, they have a duty to protect themselves, but we also have a responsibility to look after each other,” he told RTÉ.

“So that’s why I’m bringing in a radical new COVIS campaign.”

A number of our agencies, in the area of coronavirence, have been looking at what can be done to help people protect themselves.

I’m trying to create a new programme that’s much more radical than the ones we’ve seen in the past.

“What I’m proposing is to create an entire new programme and to work on a new initiative to protect our health and our communities.”

The number of people who have died from COVID has more than doubled in Ireland since it began, to 2,879 today.

The Government has called on people in Ireland to avoid outdoors at all costs, including at beaches, and has set up a helpline on 1800 666 111.