How I was born in Vegas, then lived in L.A. and now runs the Coke board for the MTV News team

I was just a kid.

I was a boy on a Sunday in the summer of 1996, living with my mother in a trailer on the side of a ranch in Rancho Mirage, California.

There were a lot of people in the trailer, a lot more than there are now.

It was a pretty small trailer.

And I was living with a lot.

I had a room full of toys, but I wasn’t really into toys.

I’d sit on the floor with my mom and watch cartoons, but mostly I played with dolls and things.

But it was like I was growing up in a different world.

I went to a public school, a private school, and then I went back to school and it was a little different.

And that was my first real life experience.

It really changed me.

My parents were divorced.

My dad was a drug addict, and my mom was a social worker.

And they had two kids, and they were very poor.

And my mom had to go back to work to support them, and I was the one who was working.

So I kind of knew what it was to be poor and what it meant to have two kids.

And so I was working in the kitchen and making my own food.

I got really good at it.

And then, when I was 10, I went out to college.

And all of a sudden I was on my own, and everything changed.

I started working at a bank.

I worked at the bank for a year and a half.

I became a cashier, and it really changed my life.

And it was in the beginning, I had no money.

My mom didn’t have a job.

My father was working at the same time, but he couldn’t work, so he worked as a cash register clerk.

And he had no job.

So he had to work at the gas station.

And in that store, I would do the gas-station cashier jobs, and sometimes I’d make $15 an hour, and other times I’d work a lot less.

So it was really hard to find work.

I remember, my first year in college, I worked a lot, and a lot harder.

And eventually, I found work, and got paid $17 an hour.

And from then on, I started taking more and more time off from work, because I knew I couldn’t keep up with the bills.

And you can’t do that with $17 per hour.

So after about a year of working so much, I didn’t know what to do with myself anymore.

I wanted to start a career, and so I started getting a job, and that was when I started making money.

I made $80,000.

And, well, it wasn’t easy.

It took a lot to be able to afford to live in this city, because you can buy a house for $500,000 in San Francisco.

It’s expensive to live there.

And the only way to afford that kind of lifestyle is to work really hard.

And working really hard, you don’t have time to do things like take vacations.

And also, it’s expensive for people to live on a tight budget.

And when you work really, really hard and have a lot on your plate, it can be really hard not to be spending all your time on it.

So that’s how I was raised.

I really didn’t want to be a housewife.

I wasn´t interested in being a housekeeper.

I didn´t want to have children.

I couldn´t even afford a home.

So, I was really, very lonely, because when I wasnít at work, I just didnít want my life to get in the way.

And at that time, it was just, you know, I wanted my own life, and the only thing I could think about was going out and doing the things that I wanted.

And one day, I saw a magazine and it said, ‘Do you think you can do that?,’ and I said, Yes, I can do it.

I can really do that.

I know how to make my own money.

And there was this guy who was a really good friend of mine who worked for a real estate agency and he took me on to be his assistant.

And we got a lot done.

And his boss loved him, and he was very supportive.

And every day, he gave me some money.

So one day we were in a meeting and we were talking about what we wanted to do, and this guy was like, ‘What are you thinking about?’

And I just went, ‘Oh, yeah.

I just want to do it.’

And he said, `I think you could do that.’

And I said yeah.

And once we started doing it, I realized how I really wanted to make money.

It became very easy for me to make