Which is better: strawberry cokes or soda?

The Sport, the magazine founded by former Manchester United striker Danny Blind, is being forced to cut back on its print edition following a major fall in sales.

The magazine said on Thursday it was scaling back its print editions, while its online and mobile apps were also being reduced.

The magazine has been criticised for being a major force in football’s mainstream.

But it also has a loyal following and the majority of its readership are men, which makes it a more appealing brand for brands to target.

Its main competitor is the British Beer and Pub Association, which owns the popular UK tabloid The Independent and the popular football club Aston Villa. 

The Sport is owned by publisher Gary Gulliver and it was set up in 2013, but has been accused of being too close to Manchester United. 

Its biggest rival is the Independent, which is owned and operated by the same group of investors.

The sports paper is widely seen as a vital part of the UK’s sports industry, and has been one of the most influential players in its long history. 

It has been blamed for fuelling the rise of the so-called ‘football generation’ in the UK, which saw a rise in youth football clubs in the late 1980s and early 1990s. 

In 2014, The Sport was hit with a major advertising scandal when it published an article in which it endorsed a new drink that could kill the liver in 90 minutes, which has been dubbed the ‘bloodsucking coke soda’.