Which NFL players are going to be fired?

NFL Players are set to be the focus of a national conversation about the future of their careers after a slew of players went public with their opinions.

Nick Cokas, the first openly gay NFL player, called for a boycott of the league this week.

Former Seattle Seahawks linebacker Deion Sanders, who was arrested in 2016 for domestic violence, said in a recent statement that the league is “failing the LGBTQ community.”

The conversation has gotten heated, but Cokassos and Sanders have largely avoided the topic of players being fired, instead focusing on what’s happening in the NFL.

The NFL Players Association said it will be “open to the possibility” of a player being fired after the season, according to ESPN.

The league’s governing body will hold a conference call with all of its teams on Monday to discuss the issue.

“If the players feel it is appropriate, the players will make their case to the league,” the NFLPA said in the statement.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said on Friday that he supports Cokals statement and is open to hearing from players.

“I’m sure we will find a way to do something to make it better,” Goodell said.

“We’ll see how it goes.”

Cokasses words are a reminder of a time when the NFL faced a difficult time with the issue of sexual harassment in the game.

The union’s executive director, Lisa Loomis, was fired for allegedly making derogatory remarks about her and the players she was representing.

“The NFL’s position is clear: The NFL has a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment and we will not tolerate it in our workplace,” she said at the time.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.