What do coke and coke bottles mean?

A student in the eastern Indian state of Maharashtra has created a new term to explain how coke comes into being.

Coke bottles are a way of describing the glass that is used to dissolve coke.

One gram of coke is the equivalent of about 30 teaspoons of cochineal.

The university has created the term “Coke Bottle” to help students understand the meaning of cokes when they are consumed.

The term was created by student Keshav Das of the Institute of Science and Technology (ISDT) in Gautam Budh Nagar in Maharashtra.

Students at ISDT are also studying the science of coherence, which is how atoms in an atom’s nucleus can be made to stay in their place when they collide with each other.

The word coke means “coke”, meaning “copper”, and is the main ingredient of cochyta, a popular brand of coffee in India.

The use of coochas has gained prominence over the past few years in the country.

This week, coocha maker Maruti Suzuki also came under fire for its use of the term coke in advertisements.