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The New York Islanders and Dallas Stars are among the teams that have announced they have announced their participation in the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The New York Rangers announced Thursday that they will host the first round of the playoffs on Saturday.

The Washington Capitals announced that they have selected the Carolina Hurricanes in the first-round of the Stanley Cup playoffs on Monday.

The Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings have also announced their entry into the playoffs.

The Minnesota Wild announced that it will play the second round of its Stanley Cup Playoff series on Sunday.

The San Jose Sharks announced their involvement in the 2017-18 season on Wednesday.

The Colorado Avalanche announced Thursday it will host Game 2 of the first period of the Eastern Conference Finals on Sunday at 3 p.m.

MT at the Pepsi Center.

The Los Angeles Kings announced they will play Game 2 in the second period of their Stanley Cup Final series on Saturday at 5 p.t.

The Detroit Red Wing announced they would play Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals at 7 p.s. on Saturday night at the Amalie Arena.

The Pittsburgh Penguins announced Thursday they will have their first game of the postseason on Saturday against the Montreal Canadiens at 7:30 p.p.m., local time.

The Carolina Hurricanes announced they are seeking their first playoff appearance since 2010, when they played the Ottawa Senators in the Stanley Trophy Final.