Which U.S. states have the most expensive liquor licenses?

If you want to know which states are the most costly to operate liquor stores in, The Next West Coast blog might be your answer. 

A recent post by The Next West, a blog covering all things Western,  discovered the fact that New Mexico has the most costliest liquor licenses. 

According to the report, New Mexico’s licenses cost $12.5 million per year. 

This figure is for licenses in the state, which has a population of about 1.5million people. 

But New Mexico does have a few other states with higher license fees. 

California’s licenses are $2.6 million per person, while Utah is $2 million per resident. 

Pennsylvania is $3.9 million per capita, and Delaware is $5.5 mil per person. 

As you can see, the cost to operate a liquor store in New Mexico is pretty expensive. 

The state has one of the lowest rates of liquor licenses per capita in the nation, according to a Washington Post article in 2016. 

For reference, the United States had about 11,500 liquor licenses in 2016, according the US Census Bureau. 

However, that number is expected to grow to over 19,000 licenses in 2019, according a New York Times article in December. 

“We have to be very careful in what we are asking people to pay for,” said Gary Gorman, executive director of the New Mexico State Liquor Control Board, in a video published on TheNextWestBlog. 

If you’re looking to buy liquor at a liquor license in New York, you’ll have to travel to the state to do so. 

Liquor licenses can be purchased at all locations in the Empire State. 

Gorman said the state does not have a retail store for liquor licenses and only has one retail location for the purchase of liquor. 

He said the number of licenses issued by the state is limited, with the number going through an auction. 

Currently, there are 832 liquor licenses on the books, according to The New York Times. 

In 2016, the state sold 1,973 licenses, which was a 3.7% increase from 2015, according Gorman. 

It’s not just the number that’s going up, but the prices as well. 

While prices are going up at a higher rate in New England, the average price per license is $838, according The Washington Post. 

So you can expect the prices to go up even more in New Jersey and Connecticut as well, according to the New Jersey Liquor and Cannabis Board. 

There are no liquor licenses available in Massachusetts, but in December, the cost to purchase a liquor in Massachusetts went up from $1,300 per license to $1.6 billion. 

Other states with the highest licenses per person are Florida, Nevada, and California. 

Florida’s license fee is $4,300, while Nevada’s is $1 and California’s is $1,200 per license. 

New Mexico’s average license fee per license goes from $946 per license in 2016 to $2,072 per license today, according TOO. 

Overall, license fees in New New York have increased by 17% over the past 10 years. 

You can read The NextWestBlog’s report on the cost of licensing and licenses in New Hampshire and Massachusetts below: The next West Coast is now: North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Colorado, New Hampshire, Minnesota, New York City, Florida, and Washington, DC. 

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