What is a “coke” and why does it matter?

The term “coki” means a glass of Coke, and is used to describe the beverage in a drink.

A Coca-Cola can contains 8.2 litres of Coke (or equivalent), and the Coca-Coke can is usually only about 4.4 inches (10 cm) across.

A coke can contains a minimum of 1.3 litres of Coke.

Coke means a small amount of coke, but is more likely to mean a small quantity of water.

A typical coke contains approximately 10 millilitres (3.2 fluid ounces) of water, while a regular Coke can contains around 3.6 litres of water and is often just over 7 litres (19 fluid ounces).

Buzzfeed has a great article on the topic of coki.

The term “cok” can mean “coffee”, “copper”, or “coakie”, and is also used to refer to any alcoholic beverage that contains sugar, flavoured water or coffee.

BuzzFeed has an awesome infographic on the history of cokie.

In the UK, coke is often served in a glass with a cherry on top.

While the word “cokie” is not always used to mean coke in Australia, it is widely used in that country.

This particular Coke can is pictured above, and it’s probably not a good idea to drink it.

But if you do, it’s a pretty sweet drink, especially if you’re a fan of a particular artist.

Buzzfeed also has a ton of great articles on the culture and history of the word cokie in Australia.