Which QB is best for the Chiefs?

The Chiefs have lost several key players and they will miss some key pieces for Sunday’s matchup against the Raiders.

Here are three key questions for the Raiders: Can the Chiefs rush the passer?

How will the Raiders run the ball?

Can they make big plays on third downs?

And what is the biggest issue for the defense?

The Raiders have the NFL’s worst run defense.

They have a league-worst run defense and rank 31st in the league in rushing yards allowed per game.

They’ve given up 638 rushing yards, the second-most in the NFL.

They are allowing an average of 181.4 yards per game, the worst in the entire NFL.

The Chiefs will need to find a way to get yards in this game.

In their past four games against the Chiefs, they’ve given them a combined 824 yards.

This game could be a big test for their run defense, which has allowed 7.6 yards per carry in its past four road games against them.

It’s possible that the Raiders could give up a touchdown or two, and that could lead to some early turnovers and sacks.

They also will need some good plays from their running backs to overcome a porous defense.

The Raiders will need all of their weapons to play well against the defense, and I think they will.

Here’s what to watch for: The Raiders need to create some big plays for their backs.

They’re averaging just 2.1 yards per attempt on third down, the fewest in the AFC West.

That’s unacceptable.

The defense is allowing the fourth-most points per game at 2.8.

That could be the difference between winning or losing.

If the Chiefs can get some yards after the catch, they’ll have some big chances at scoring points.

I’m expecting the Raiders to run the football in this one.

If they can’t, the Chiefs will have to run their offense down the field.

The run game should be more potent this year, but the Raiders need more production from the wide receivers.

They rank 23rd in receiving yards per play, and they’re averaging 10.9 yards per catch.

They need to be able to create plays in the passing game.

If I had to guess, I would say the Raiders will look to pass the ball at least three times.

The passing game is a big question mark, but I think the Raiders have a chance to find some good looks on the deep balls.

This is a huge game for the offense, and it could give them a big boost in their playoff hopes.

This team has the talent, but they’ve been unable to get any production from their offense.

The offense has not been great this year.

It is still early, but it looks like the Raiders offense will be able be more explosive this season.

The question is, can the Chiefs run the clock down?

If the Raiders get in a hole and don’t have enough time, the chances are that they’ll run into a problem on third and long.

This defense is good at defending the run, but their ability to stop the run is questionable.

This isn’t the same defense that gave up a season-high 3,084 rushing yards in their first three games against Oakland.

The Kansas City defense was a solid unit in that stretch.

It allowed just 3.8 yards per rush in its previous three games.

This week, the Raiders are expected to have the Raiders defense playing more stout and limiting the number of rushing yards they give up.

I expect the Raiders running game to be much better than it was against the Broncos, and this could be an opportunity to see if the team can run it.

If that happens, they should be able find some success.