Why are coke shops in Mexico selling beer instead of Pepsi?

In Mexico, Coca-Cola has a loyal following, but the national drink is far from a big hit with locals.

But the country’s coke shop owners are seeing an opportunity to boost their profits.

A local shopkeeper told BBC News that they are selling Coke instead of the popular Pepsi brand.

In a city like Mexico City where the price of a Coca-Cola can reach up to $40,000, the local market for Pepsi is far more lucrative than it is in the United States.

But Coca-colas in Mexico City cost less than $5.

Coca-Co has been accused of not paying taxes on its profits and of using Mexican workers as cheap labour in its manufacturing facilities.

Coca Colas and Pepsi are not the only brands in the country, however.

Coca cola and Pepsi have been in the headlines recently for their use of migrant workers in Mexico.

According to a report by the human rights group Reporters Without Borders, PepsiCo employs approximately 3,000 Mexican migrant workers.

It is not the first time PepsiCo has come under fire.

In 2016, it was reported that PepsiCo employed 1,200 people in Mexico while paying no income tax.

However, after the report was published, PepsiCorp announced that it had “temporarily suspended” its use of Mexican workers.

The company said it was investigating the allegations.

In Mexico City, a coke bottle can be seen selling for between $5 and $10.

But what makes Mexico so popular with Coca-co and PepsiCo is the fact that Mexico is also a destination for Coke.

As a result, Coca Cola has set up its Mexican headquarters in Mexico city.

And the coke stores in Mexico are no stranger to PepsiCo either.

Coca coke is often sold in Mexican stores, although in some areas, such as the coastal city of Quito, coke can be found only at a few coke-shop locations.

“I work for PepsiCo and I work at the Coca Colos factory in Quito,” said the co-owner of one Mexican coke outlet.

“If I’m not working here, I’m going to sell Coke to someone else.

But in the same way I would sell Coke if I had a Coke shop in my neighbourhood.”

A coke station in Quero, Mexico, where Coca- coke was sold.

Source: ABC News / Alamy A Coke store in Mexico, which was also found to have a Coca Colaco bottling plant in 2016.

Source : ABC News (AP)