Jimmy Kimmel Reveals ‘Coke’ Is Coming to Netflix on November 7th

Jimmy Kimmel revealed today that Coke is coming to Netflix next month on November 8th.

The episode, titled “Coke,” stars James Franco and Amy Schumer.

The clip below was filmed at Kimmel’s Hollywood Hills home and is set to air on November 10th.

“It’s called Coke and it’s a little bit darker,” Kimmel said in the video above.

“I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I feel like a lot of people who don’t watch that much Coke are a little afraid to watch it.”

Kimmel and Schumer will both be making guest appearances on the show and Kimmel has teased that they will do some “scoffing.”

“We’re gonna do a whole bit of ‘Cooke’ where we’re going to see the Coke guys and get all pissed off,” Kimmel joked.

Kimmel will also be releasing a new song called “Cooke” on November 15th, titled after the movie.

“We’ll be doing a new tune called ‘Coop’ that’s kind of about the Cooke brothers, Jimmy and Amy,” Kimmel teased.

“They’re a really great family, a really good group of friends, and we’re all gonna be doing some fun stuff together.”

The actor added that he is “looking forward to it,” but didn’t say how much the new song will cost.

“My favorite part of the movie is the ‘Coke’ thing.

That’s why I love the movie,” Kimmel continued.

“Because the Coquettes are just a bunch of really good friends who love each other.

They’ll be singing it together.”

“CoCo,” the first Coke movie, hit theaters in 2016.