Two Israeli settlers arrested over alleged attack on Palestinian woman

A Palestinian woman was allegedly stabbed and seriously injured after a settler attacked her while she was working at a settlement in the West Bank on Sunday, local media reported.

According to local media, the woman, who was with two other Palestinian men at the time of the incident, was working as a housemaid at the settlement of As-Safari, which is located in the central West Bank, when she was approached by an Israeli settler who stabbed her in the leg and arm.

The assailant fled the scene before police arrived.

Local police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld told The Jerusalem Mail that the incident was an “isolated incident,” adding that the Israeli police were investigating the matter.

The incident has sparked anger in the community, with members of the Palestinian community in the area accusing the settler of “slander and disrespect.”

A video circulating on social media on Sunday allegedly showed the settlter attacking the woman as she stood on a cement footpath at the village, which has been under Israeli control since 1967.

The video was filmed by an unknown man, who filmed it while the woman was sitting in a car in the village.

Rosenfeld said the incident is under investigation.

“There is a special investigation being conducted to determine the motivation behind the attack,” he said.

“This is a tragic incident that is clearly unacceptable and not the way to act.

The Palestinian community stands in solidarity with the victim and with the families of the injured.”

A spokesperson for the Israeli Civil Administration in the Palestinian territories (ACPA), which administers the West $1.6 billion (P6.7 billion) Israeli-controlled settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, confirmed the stabbing but said the investigation into the incident had not been opened yet.

“We are currently conducting a full investigation to determine if there is any criminal liability,” a spokesperson told Al Jazeera.

The Palestinian Authority is under Israeli occupation for decades, and many Palestinians live under military or administrative detention, with the United Nations labeling the Israeli system a “flagrant violation of international law.”

In January 2017, Israel and the Palestinian Authority signed a deal aimed at ending the occupation, but the deal was never ratified.

The deal requires the parties to abide by international law and to allow full access to Palestinian land and Palestinians’ rights.

The PA said it would not sign the deal until the issue of access to the West bank was resolved.

The settlement of Atwan, which sits in the northern West Bank under the control of the Israeli military, has also faced widespread criticism, with residents protesting against the presence of Israeli military patrols in the nearby village of Nabi Saleh.