Which team can win the World Series this year?

It’s been a busy few weeks for the Dodgers, as they have a full slate of games on the road, which is always an advantage for them, and they will likely have to battle the Astros in a series that includes a two-game series against the Padres.

But, if they win their first World Series in 16 years, it will be their first since the 1994 NLDS.

The Dodgers have a solid foundation in place to make it happen, but it will take more than a run to break through the Dodgers dominance.

Here are 10 things you need to know before the World Champion gets started.1.

Dodgers won’t be playing the Dodgers.

This has been a long-standing tradition, and it will continue this year.

Dodgers fans should remember that this team is built on talent, not tradition.

The team is led by two MVP winners: Clayton Kershaw and David Price, and the team will be playing in an era when the team is able to win games on any given night.

That is the foundation the Dodgers have built.

They will be led by three All-Stars in Zack Greinke, Andrew Heaney and Joc Pederson.

The two best pitchers in baseball will be Clayton Kershield and Clayton Kersb.

Kershaw, a two time Cy Young Award winner, is the leader of the rotation.

He will be joined by his younger brother, Jake, who has the potential to be the best pitcher in baseball.

The biggest thing to remember about the Dodgers is that they are the only team in baseball to have three consecutive winning seasons.

Kershaw, Price and Pederson all pitched at least 20 innings in 2016, so the Dodgers should be able to keep up their dominance.2.

Zack Greindough will lead the team.

Greindook has been the best starting pitcher in the National League this year, and he has pitched more than 1,000 innings in every season since the start of the 2015 season.

He is the Dodgers first All-Star selection in a long time, and Greindooks ability to throw strikes is second to none.

Greinook has the most strikeouts of any pitcher in Major League history.

Greintook, who is entering his age 30 season, has thrown the most innings of any Dodgers pitcher this year and has thrown more innings than any other pitcher in Dodgers history.

In addition, Greinooks record is best among pitchers who have thrown at least 500 innings.

Greins record this season is second in MLB.

The one thing that Greindakes struggles with is the strike zone.

He has allowed more home runs than any pitcher with at least 250 innings.3.

Zack Cozart will lead a great defense.

Cozarts numbers this season are not too far off his rookie season.

Cozararts home run total is the second highest of any starting pitcher, and his strikeouts are also on par with his career highs.

He also has allowed a career low .238 average.

His defensive metrics are also trending in the right direction.

In 2016, Cozastan led the NL in Defensive Runs Saved, which stands for Defensive Runs allowed per 9 innings.

This year, he is second with a 0.94 DRS per 9 IP, which ranks fourth in the majors.4.

Zack Wheeler is ready to lead the Dodgers defense.

Wheeler was one of the most dominant pitchers in the NL last year, throwing more than 500 innings in the postseason.

His numbers are the second best in the league.

His strikeouts are a career high, his walks are down, and when he gets on base, he has a .344 on-base percentage.

His .737 OPS is the best of any Dodger starting pitcher this season.

Wheeler is the only pitcher in MLB with an OPS over .800.5.

Zack Holland will lead all players in RBIs.

Holland leads the NL with 12 triples, but he is not the only player with a lot of RBIs, as other pitchers like Jake Arrieta and Andrew Benintendi also have a lot.

Holland is also the only Dodgers starting pitcher with a season-high 27 stolen bases.6.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are the first team to make the playoffs in four years.

The first Dodgers team to win the division this season was the 2006 NLDS champions.

The 2006 NL champions won the NLDS and the World Championship, but they also lost the World Championships Series.

Since then, the Dodgers haven’t won a World Series.7.

Clayton Kershees ERA is now 7.13.

Kershee’s ERA is the highest in MLB this season and the first Dodgers pitcher to post a career-high ERA in a season.

Kershner has not allowed more than six earned runs in any of his 11 starts this season, and this season has been his best season to date.

Kershes ERA is also up over his career marks, with his ERA this season of 7.00 is second best of all MLB pitchers this season with a 1.07 ERA.