The first ever Diet Coke Zero 12 Pack Coke is on sale for $49.99 on gmail

A brand new 12 pack of Diet Coke is now available for $499.99 at your local retailer, with a limited edition of 20 being available.

The new 12-pack comes with 12 cans of Diet Coca Cola Zero 12 and has a black bottle, red cap, and is made in the UK.

The Coke Zero product line is being launched as part of the ‘10% off the top’ promotion.

The new Coke Zero is a rebranding of the iconic 12-Pack Diet Coke that was launched in 1999.

Diet Coke Zero has been sold in Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, the US, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

For the first time, the Coca-Cola Zero 12 pack will be available for purchase at a pharmacy in the US.

Diet Cokes, also known as Coke Zero, were introduced in the United States in 2007 and are made in Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Russia and Thailand.

Dutifully advertised as a ‘no sugar, no calories’ drink, the product line was sold to consumers in Australia in late 2016.

This is the first Coke Zero to be available in Australia.

It is available to order online, or from your local store.

Dopey Brits’ Diet Coke?

The new product is made of premium natural fruit juice and has the same distinctive look of a Coca-cola.

Dobbs claims the product is “designed to help promote weight loss”.

“The Diet Coke Diet is a unique way of boosting your body’s energy levels and helping you feel good,” he said.

“Diet Cola is a drink that helps you feel hungry but doesn’t make you hungry, so that you don’t feel hungry.”

Dr. Dobbs claims his product will help you lose weight in a healthier way than traditional sugar-free products.

“It is not sugar that is bad, it is the water in your diet that you put in the drink,” he told ABC News.

“That water gets converted into sugar in your body.”

What we’re trying to do is take this water that we put in our Diet Coke and convert it into sugar.

“Dobb is not the first celebrity to promote Diet Coke, with actor Russell Crowe releasing a video in 2013 promoting his version of the drink.”

We need to have a Coke Zero in Australia so people can be able to look at the world with a new perspective, with fresh eyes,” Mr Crowe said in the video.”

When you have a new Coke you have the potential to see the world differently.