How to avoid drinking and driving in Canada

The Coknese-based company that owns the Coakley refinery said Monday that its operations in Ontario have not experienced any increased demand due to the refinery’s closure.

“We’re not seeing any increased refinery demand,” said Doug Broussard, president and CEO of Coknecsa Inc., which owns the refinery and two other facilities in Coakleys’ southern Ontario.

He said the refinery is one of the few Canadian facilities that can supply Canadian oil products, including diluted bitumen and heavy crude oil, to the United States.

He added that the refinery can continue to operate as a separate business as well as to produce crude oil and other products.

The refinery has about 800 workers, mainly in the process of refining bitumen.

“We continue to be in the same business as we always have been and that is refining bituminous oil,” said Brouessard.

The Coakys’ refinery, located about 100 kilometres (62 miles) south of Ottawa, was built in the 1970s to refine Canadian bitumen to oil for export.